Our Programs

Get Boots On Ground!

Step into an Israeli Commander’s Shoes

Engage in real-time battlefield challenges facing IDF soldiers today

The Bunker Challenge

50 Years to the Yom Kippur War

Join the 188th Tank Brigade to relive the epic battles in the war that changed Israel forever

Lectures & Seminars

Insightful, Interactive, Inspiring

Connecting geopolitics and military briefings to remarkable personal stories addressing daily life

About Slingshot

We are experienced combat commanders who know the IDF’s educational power – that’s why we founded Slingshot.


Slingshot’s innovative programs draw upon our military experience to instill values and encourage social action.

You will get an authentic IDF insider’s view, feeling and understanding the human and moral experience of an Israeli soldier in a unique and exciting way.

Join over 120,000 satisfied participants – IDF, West Point Military Academy, Jewish and non-Jewish delegations and public diplomacy missions, business leaders, and private family groups – we make every one count.

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