“Get Boots on Ground!”

Engage in real-time battlefield challenges facing IDF soldiers today


Step into the shoes of the soldiers protecting Israel’s borders
with Gaza, Syria and Lebanon,
facing media cameras, bullets, fear and battle.

Face the challenges right along with us –
daily routine and under fire, successes and failures, the
unexpected obstacles and what emerges from them.

The “Boots On Ground!” program is your ultimate choice
for those seeking to understand Israel’s security challenges
and the IDF’s unique role facing them.
To give your group the ideal program we offer several activity levels,
separately or combined:

Field Presentation

Encounter Israel’s dynamic borders standing in strategic lookouts over Syria & Gaza. Then gain close-up insight into the IDF’s moral and professional 21st Century battlefield challenges through our personal accounts under fire.

Field Adventure

Step into the shoes of a combat commander in an IDF urban training zone, facing split-second moral dilemmas amidst an exciting laser tag battle.


With more start-ups per capita than any country in the world, the Start-Up Nation is attracting worldwide attention. Get an insider’s look at the IDF’s role in this phenomenon. Program includes VIP hosting at Strategic Lookout – Syria\Gaza, IDF Training Zone visit, and IDF Base Visit in-co with IDF Spokesperson.

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