About Us

When you say “Israel” often the very first brand that comes to mind is the IDF, Israel Defense Forces. Every visitor to Israel, every international seminar regarding Israel, has an interest in encountering the IDF.

You can love it, you can criticize it, but you cannot ignore it.

That is where we come in. As experienced combat commanders we know the IDF’s educational power – that is why we founded Slingshot. We provide you with innovative programs drawing upon our personal military experience to instill values and encourage social action.

Slingshot offers you an authentic IDF insider’s view, to feel and understand the human and moral experience of an Israeli soldier in a unique and exciting way.

At Slingshot, we believe that the best way to comprehend is by sharing personal stories, feeling them and providing unique experiences inspired by real-life events.
Nearly 50,000 people from over 30 different countries have participated since our 2017 launch.



Each individual is touched by being “in our boots”



We have never done the same exact program twice – content and delivery are tailored to your audience



Our field experiences are more than just fun – the challenges test core values with take-away lessons for life



As active reserve combat commanders we live what we present


Power of the Place

Less-traveled IDF battlefields and training zones recreate the stories and relive the dilemmas with you in the scene

The Faces Behind Slingshot

Major (Res.) Yaakov Selavan

Founder & Program Director 


For the past 13 years, my life has revolved around the IDF.
Founding a nationwide project at age 18 supporting wounded IDF soldiers in the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

Drafting and advancing from tank driver to company leader with 11 tanks to brigade operations officer.
Serving my country under fire in several operations, including the 2014 Gaza Campaign (Operation Protective Edge).
Serving till today serving as an Active IDF Armored Corps reservist and motivational speaker for soldiers and draftees – I love the IDF, I live the IDF – both when I praise it and when I criticize harshly, it all comes from the heart.

Slingshot expresses my life mission to educate and inspire soldiers, draftees – and even people from abroad, by connecting facts and theories to personal stories which shed a light on the moral and ethical challenges faced daily by IDF soldiers.

I’m here to give you a unique insider’s look at the IDF like no other. As an experienced speaker, I’ve learnt that a personal story is the greatest tool to inspire and open the doors to people’s hearts – that is what we do with our army experiences.

As an IDF Tactical Command College alumnus, I specialized in military history and strategy in my BA, and recently completed with honors my MA in Public Policy at IDC Herzliya. My broad theoretical background and combat experience enable me to share an understanding of geopolitics down to the challenges of the fighters in the field.

I love the Golan Heights and keenly sense its historical and strategic importance to Israel. That is why my wife and I built our home here to raise our daughters in this beautiful region.

Major (Res.) Regev Erez

Southern Region Lecturer


7-year combat veteran, active IDF Armored Corps reservist
IDF leadership seminars guest speaker
Be’er Sheva resident

“The best way to convey the message is by letting the participants step into my shoes and discuss the various dilemmas I have gone through as a commander”

Maj. (Res.) Ram Uzan

Combat Fitness Trainer

• Combat fitness instructor for several pre-military academies
• Former combat fitness officer for the Northern Command and famed Golani Brigade.
• 11-year combat service veteran, active IDF Armored Corps reservist
• Active IDF Home Front Command reservist
• Golan Heights resident, married to Ligal, proud father of 3 children

“I view my job as a mission to bring you to be the best version of yourself”

Capt. (Res.) Yehuda Luxemburg

Krav Maga Trainer

• Combat fitness instructor for several pre-military academies
• Former Israel national boxing champion
• Active IDF reservist as an elite squad commander
• Jerusalem resident, married to Carmel and proud father of 4 children

“The IDF experience builds physical and mental resilience, and shapes a set of values and dimensions for life”