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in Israel and Abroad

Connecting geopolitics, military briefings and strategy to a personal journey with remarkable stories that address our daily lives. The emphasis in our lectures is connecting a broad spectrum of knowledge with an inspiring personal experience. The following lectures are samples – All programs are tailored to the audience and can focus on specific values you seek to impart.

From the Syrian Quagmire to the Gaza Powder Keg

A field commander’s perspective into Israel’s security challenges
Geopolitical complexities of the 21st Century battlefield impacting the teenage soldier’s decision to shoot or not.

“You gave our delegation a comprehensive picture of what Israel´s security challenges mean “on the ground” and the challenges confronting Western armies in modern combat conditions. “

“I’ve heard many talks about the Middle East, strategy, etc. - it is important, but I don’t really connect. Your presentation was more than just knowledge – it became personal and I felt the challenges Israel and the IDF face”

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The IDF as a Foundation for Innovation

Translate Battlefield Experience into your Business Culture
With more start-ups per capita than any country in the world, the Start-Up Nation is attracting worldwide attention. Get an insider’s look at the IDF’s role in this phenomenon.

“On behalf of all participants from Ghana, Croatia and Nigeria attending the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program jointly developed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Building Bridges I would like to thank you for the inspiring lecture successfully delivered...Participants were very excited and their feedback was really enthusiastic”

Between Gaza & Lebanon

Can One Teenager Change the World?
A young teenager searching for his path finds it with wounded IDF soldiers in hospital corridors. By joining their journey of challenge, strength and triumph – bitter becomes sweet in a life-changing experience.

“A powerful presentation…His content, presentation and messages are fantastic and engaging. I highly recommend - the students will be inspired”

“Who By Fire?”

The Yom Kippur War – 46 Years Later
Reliving heroic stories in the face of the Syrian breakthrough in the 1973 War, from destruction to resurrection. As the 188th Brigade fighters rise like a phoenix from the ashes we delve into core issues such as responsibility, courage, Jewish identity, and comradeship.

“I usually fall asleep the moment the speaker opens his mouth. This lecture was so engaging that even if I tried I could not stop listening! You made a history class the most relevant and living thing I’ve experienced”

 “Ben & Jerry’s on Tisha B’Av?!”

Lessons from the 2014 Gaza War
War from a commander’s eye, emphasizing the leadership, moral and morale challenges in the battlefield, and lessons we can take as individuals and as part of the Jewish nation.

“We've been coming for 9 years (to Israel), and you knocked it out of the park. Your talk is what it is all about. thanks for helping us understand! “

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