Lectures & Seminars

in Israel and Abroad

Connecting geopolitics, military briefings and strategy to a personal journey with remarkable stories that address our daily lives. The emphasis in our lectures is connecting a broad spectrum of knowledge with an inspiring personal experience. The following lectures are samples – All programs are tailored to the audience and can focus on specific values you seek to impart.

From the Syrian Quagmire to the Gaza Powder Keg

A field commander’s perspective into Israel’s security challenges
Geopolitical complexities of the 21st Century battlefield impacting the teenage soldier’s decision to shoot or not.

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The IDF as a Foundation for Innovation

Translate Battlefield Experience into your Business Culture
With more start-ups per capita than any country in the world, the Start-Up Nation is attracting worldwide attention. Get an insider’s look at the IDF’s role in this phenomenon.

Between Gaza & Lebanon

Can One Teenager Change the World?
A young teenager searching for his path finds it with wounded IDF soldiers in hospital corridors. By joining their journey of challenge, strength and triumph – bitter becomes sweet in a life-changing experience.

“Who By Fire?”

The Yom Kippur War – 46 Years Later
Reliving heroic stories in the face of the Syrian breakthrough in the 1973 War, from destruction to resurrection. As the 188th Brigade fighters rise like a phoenix from the ashes we delve into core issues such as responsibility, courage, Jewish identity, and comradeship.

 “Ben & Jerry’s on Tisha B’Av?!”

Lessons from the 2014 Gaza War
War from a commander’s eye, emphasizing the leadership, moral and morale challenges in the battlefield, and lessons we can take as individuals and as part of the Jewish nation.

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