Join the 188th Tank Brigade facing the massive Syrian breakthrough in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

The Bunker Challenge is a unique program at the Tel Saki Battle Site in the Southern Golan. It has become a must for every family & community trip for Israelis, including IDF soldiers, and people coming from abroad.

Your group’s inspiring journey will likely reshape how they view historical events. 

We offer several activity levels, separately or combined:

Field Program- "Dark Navigating"

A journey far beyond a tour – Go underground in the 1973 fighters’ footsteps with unexpected challenges awaiting amidst fear & darkness.

Field Adventure - The Escape Room

The massive Syrian-border bunker transforms into an exciting educational ‘Escape Room’ experience.

The Bunker Challenge VIP

Astonish your group with a surprise meeting a ’73 War Veteran, alongside surprising beverages connecting to the story.

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