Join the 188th Tank Brigade facing the massive Syrian breakthrough in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Your group’s inspiring journey will likely reshape how they view historical events. We offer several activity levels, separately or combined:

Field Presentation

Grasp today’s delicate military and political situation in Syria, and then grapple with the untold compelling stories of individual fighters – their challenges, fears, and sacrifices, to delve into core issues of identity, comradeship, and courage.


Field Adventure

Stand in the 1973 War landscape. Go underground in the fighters’ footsteps by navigating together in the dark. Come up out of the bunker equipped with an understanding of how past battles shape today’s soldiers and leaders.

Extreme Team Building

Descend into a real bunker opposite the Syrian border that turns into an educational ‘Escape Room’ experience, with unexpected challenges awaiting amidst fear and darkness.


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