Slingshot featured on Daily Star’s “Land of the Bible” with David Sussman
Daily Star, June 2017

“Between Gaza and the Gas Chambers”
Atlanta Jewish Times, May 2017

Before telling army no tanks, objectors banded together online Former 188th Brigade officer meets with 86 recruits who refused Armored Corps service Times of Israel, November 2016
Ben & Jerry’s on Tisha B’av?! Lessons from the 2014 Gaza War Times of Israel, July 2017

Captain Underpants in the Gaza War
Times of Israel, July 2018

While you were busy denouncing Israel – we were at work aiding refugees: An insider’s look at IDF efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in Syria Times of Israel, July 2018
Torah Day Grad Returns as IDF Officer on Spokesman Mission Atlanta Jewish Times, May 2015
Thanking the Troops – An Israeli teen creates a network to support wounded Israeli soldiers Babaganewz Kids’ Magazine, November 2007
Slingshot celebrates its first birthday – 2017 summary

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